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Custom Bar/ Bat mitzvah Torah cover
cloth. A keepsake! This can be
personalized handpainted in Rashi or
stam hebrew letters
Duponi Silk only.....  $180.00 and Up
lined with tassels

Neshama's Custom Candle sticks comes in a variety of colors  $36.00 Each Set
(Price may vary due to design)allow 3 weeks to ship

A. Blue royal Jerusalem

B. Fuchia pink flowers

C. Green Shabbat Shalom.       D. Custom

Silk challah cover
Silk ties  machine handmade,
hand painted........$36.00
Custom designed
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Bris/ Baby Naming silk pillows handsewen,& handpainted.....$85.00
Dupioni silk your choice colors blue, white , gold, fushia, purple, or
green. Custom Designed
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Bein Gavrah are used to cover the
Torah between one aliyah and
another. COLOR MAY VARY.
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Gemstone Custom Tree Jewelry
B'somin Spice Pouch
Scented with Pure
Ketoret Essential oil
Blend- By
Aytz Chayim