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Beautiful Handmade Tallits

This is Just samples of Handmade Tallitot. Each Tallit is individually handcrafted using
the highest quality silks and natural fabrics. And really excited to be offering tallits. If you
have a design you want or have natural fabrics you want to use to make you dream Tallit,
call me and we can put together a beautiful tallit together. FAX 1.425.928.7326 or  email
Rivka or call
or call  5415439014
Each Tallit are hand sewn with the care and artistry silk painting and some are made by
chosen fabric that some of my customers have requested. Most Tallits depending on the
fabric is lined with finest fabrics available. We can create your special tallit made out of
any natural fabric of your choice. Linen,Cotton, Raw Cotton,  Hemp, or my favorite SILK.
We also have in house embroidry to create
a atara to match your tallit. Each atara is handpainted to match. Below are samples of
designs created for our customers.


The tzitzit are also certified kosher, your choice linen or wool techelet (blue thread), plain
white wool, or plain white, ordered from Israel.
We sell Linen tzittzits that are high quality 8 ply easy tie linen cords with a blue dyed cord
or plain white, all materials checked for Shatnez.
We can tie your tzitzit in the Sefardic or Ashkenazic configuration or you can tie your own
we will just send you the set.  Each tallit includes a matching carrying bag. All tzitzits tied
to tallits are hand tied by Rivka's husband who is a Cohen and the proper bracha and
intent is performed for the mitzvah of tying tzitzits
Handwoven Linen Tallits
Custom Bar or Bat Mitzvah Tallits
Custom Hand Sewen Cotton, Silk or Linen Tallits
Custom Hand Painted Silk Tallits
Hand Spun Kosher made with Lishma Tzitzits
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