Custom Chuppah
Custom Chuppah & Ketubot by Rivka Sari
Sefinot MiRivka Sari

Each Chuppah are made from High Quality  dupioni silk, Chamese, and cotton fabrics.
All available in a variety of colors Custom designed and each is hand painted by Artist
Rivka Sari. Each Chuppah is made with your unique style wedding in mind. Rivka Sari
works with your personal symbols and creates beauty and light that radiates the warmth
of your love for one another. Also can make a matching tallit or dancing scarf for the
Basic Starting prices:
Silk Habotai $440.00 - $995.00 Size 55x74
Dupioni Silk $380.00-$680.00 54x75
Cotton $350.00 - $590.00 Size 44X50
(Prices may vary according to design and painting time)
Copyright 2001-2016 Sefinot  MiRivka Sari
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Beautiful Ceremony Picture.
Photo by
Ron Parks photography
Chuppah Designed and painted by Rivka
Sari Copyright 2009